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Giant rollable TVs on the horizon, says LG

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Giant rollable TVs on the horizon, says LG


Evan Kypreos, editor of TrustedReviews, said that rollable TVs could be produced by 2017 but warned they’d cost far too much for the average consumer.

“If you’ve got the cash to splash then a rollable TV could create an experience similar to owning a projector, where you can easily hide away the screen when not in use, but without the noise and complexity of an actual projector.

     Looks like great things to come in terms of technology of curved TV’s,  because of the price I will be dreambuilding this, and setting a goal for when 1. I earn it, 2. The value of these items drops dramaticly, or I will just buy it when someone else buys the next best thing or the brand new flashy(expensive)item.   I will buy it for a third the price, gently used of course.

It will be interesting to see where they go with this technology in the future.  Everyday we get that much closer to Star Trek replicators, looking forward to that.


“Instead of 60in-plus TV screens I think the more interesting application of this tech could be in wearables. Curved screen smartwatches with a whole wrist screen are an obvious example.”