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Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Don’t just try to find a great opportunity,
find an opportunity and make it great.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki



Announcing Results of the 7th Annual Axiom Business Book Awards “Recognizing and promoting the world’s best business titles.”

Announcing Results of the 7th Annual Axiom Business Book Awards

“Recognizing and promoting the world’s best business titles.”



Gold: The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money, by Tracy Theemes (Tracy Theemes)

Silver: Financial Fitness: The Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of Personal Finance, LIFE Leadership (Obstaclés Press)

Bronze: Principles of Investing: A Complete Introduction to Stock Ownership, Basic Valuation, and Risk Assessment, by Adam Love (Garden Road Publishing)


Day at the beach

       A day at the beach

We took in the sun at a local conservation area.  I will have to say it was  are all these people B type business owners? have they bought there freedom yet, or time back?  I do wonder these things becuase this would be the goal we intend to fulfill, haveing our time and money back and at the same time making money(have our money work for us).  If only I knew more about these people, I could ask them, well I guess this is not the place, or is it??

      These are the days we dream of


These are the days we dream of ,the days where we can choose what we want to do, and not worry how long we will be doing it.   People we met were friendly indeed, amazing how a hello, and thank you go a long way, it was nice to see all the different ethnic backgrounds enjoy the sun together, BBQing, swimming, taking it all in; just having fun.  That’s a key point right there, fun.  Fun can bridge so many gap in society today, it knows no boundries and can change any situation into a good one.  You know what..I’m king of jealous of fun,  Nobody there to stop it from happenning, nobody doubting or hating that it has occured; I said it, I’m JEALOUS of FUN lol.

All in all a great day, family got to take in the sun, got to kick the soccer ball around with the kids for a little while, even thought it kills my back to do so (well worth it though).  Swam well floated there for ahwile enjoying the view of calm water, clear skies and sail boat in the distance.  A very productive and peaceful day indeed.

I was able  to have some down time while the kids played with thier patient Aunt.  Got it some quality in depth reading, dug deep into the ( un-authered ) Financial Fitness book.  Key principals, when applied over time, and applied daily, have proven to reap great rewards and Financial Freedom.


      Financial Principals

Something about being held accountable for your financial fitness, as if it were a diet, or fitness plan (membership).  This one hits low on the belt, if you know what I mean.  So you can either continue the financial plan you have now, and continue enjoying what you have, or change and implement basic financial principals to increase and improve your families future.  Ok done; even if it means reading this book at the beach.

Implement when and where you can, period.

( I really should break out the workbook, I will when I get home.)

Where I left off it was the seventh principal, and the book told me if I were to stop reading now, the seven principals I had learned already in the chapters before this those principals will dramaticly increase my financies..

     Well there are 47 Financial Principals in this pack, * audios and a workbook for $99.99, 

I’m gonna keep going, I will keep you posted how we do.  Maybe a success story to boot.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
  —  Confucius


All the best of success, keep dreaming BIG.


What did I see in LIFE

What did I see in LIFE 

  I was listening to LT 281 titled “What did you see in the LIFE” by Claude Hamilton and Lana Hamilton; it got me thinking of when we first saw LIFE and the possibilities that might follow if we decided to join this community.

  • My kids being proud to have me around, and look up to;not ashamed like I was growing up. 
  • Seeing my wife cry, because of the hope she had,that this just might work.
  • To show the world that all those things they told me growing up were wrong, big time.  My dreams can come true and will, the material I have read provided that beyond a doubt, and if I wanted something bad enough and was willing to work hard to get it, possibilities are endless. 
  • I saw the possibilities to have the chance to spend those moments most people miss with ours kids, we might miss some small things, good things;making room for the great moments that we will be able to enjoy for the rest of our times.
  • I saw that when hard times come again, we will be ready, ready to not only help ourselves but our families as well.
  • I personally saw my wife proud to call me her husband, and for her to know she means the world to me and I would hope she would choose me over and over and over again, year after year if she could.
  • I saw that it will not be easy, but worth it.
  • I saw the first time I was at an open being welcomed, not to grow the team or make more money, but when they look in your eyes and tell you they are going to help you, and love you where your at;even if your not on their team or even in their organization.
  • I saw a better man, a prouder more confident man, a man my family and second family can be proud of.
  • I saw the man I knew I was.
  • We saw the point where money wasn’t an issue anymore, we saw that time and energy going into the love for our kids and our prosperous future.
  • We saw the chance to help people just like us, who are less fortunate. People are dying inside, we need to see the signs.
  • We saw the ability to feed families, make christmas dreams come true for a family in need, we saw ourselves make that issue go away and for the families that need it most, take that burden of their shoulders for them, never knowing where it came from, believing miricles really do happen.
  • We saw the ability to show people they can take care , be self sustainable, feeding thier families off the land.
  • We saw the ability to own our dreams.
  • We saw ourselves happy

“how do you eat an elephant?  the same as everything else, one bite at a time”~UNKNOWN

Chase your dream, don’t quit.  Then live the life you always wanted, your worth it.

 Have Fun,    Make Money,    Make a Difference

All the best of success 
Jason D McQuaid


LIFE Leadership Goes Global!

April 30, 2014 – LIFE Leadership Goes Global!


Today is the official launch of LIFE Leadership Pacific. Now those in Australia and New Zealand will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the life-changing informational products that LIFE Leadership has to offer. “This is the first step in reaching out of our original home market and bringing our great message to fans of our products in other parts of the world,” says CEO Chris Brady. Chairman of the board Orrin Woodward adds, “We said we were going to a million people, and today marks a big step toward making that goal a reality!” We want to welcome those in Australia and New Zealand into the LIFE Leadership family! It’s time for others around the world to have their best shot at living the life they’ve always wanted!