Major Leadership Convention

The long 7 hour drive to LIFE Leadership major leadership convention was a great time to read, gather my thoughts and engadge in some interesting conversation, anything to pass the time. Watching the gas prices rise and fall from place to place. How did we get to these kind of prices (whole other story)


Crossing the Border

Tensions running high, stumbling for the right words to say (first time crossing the border).

“Business or pleasure” the border guard ask’s, well I will have to say pleasure (seconds pass) which seemed like an eternity lol. Enjoy your stay, hello USA; Detroit we can smell what your stepping in, if you know what I mean. Watch your speed, 3/4, minimum speed? Road work?? for about three seconds it seemed like home (road contstruction) lol nope, the roads here in the USA so far; well lets just say we thought the van was falling apart at the seems we were wrong, it is just your roads, damn.


75 south, get on it,

Where are we?

What time is it?

Are we there yet?

Wow we have made good time and the time has flown by. Good company, no kids, no deadline; no where to be and a day early for major (awesome). It must be the fact we don’t travel much and my first time in the states that made it such an easy drive. So many different things to see and smell; thanks Detroit… Hello Ohio, different states on the plates, roads and sign that make no sense and that are coming apart at the seems, “watch your speed!!! and what is that smell now!!


Well after all of that we have arrived, not in time to have a swim, not in time to have a hot tub nor sauna and to top it off, no cold beer at the end of the day, all good we are here in time to have an amazing meal at the waffle house. Great people and amazing food, great way to start our Leadership weekend, oh and apparently we do have an accent. To be continued.


Just so you know 1 mile = 1.6093 km

1 gallon = 3.79

$1.00 = $1.05

Canada still rocks

Take care




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