My Kid is hooked, her world is rapidly changing shape into a 16 bit cubed world.
What have I done?

This question I have asked myself as I watch my kids play this game called Minecraft. You might have heard of it.

Families and even home schooled/high school/course students have found a way to incorporate Minecraft into their daily studies.
I’m all for a creative outlet, we live on a farm with not many options.  My kids have not yet found the passion for farming or great adventures in the bush, long bike rides, you know the stuff we did when we were bored lol.

The problem I am having with my daughter is she would much rather watch someone play the game rather then create  a well thought out plan, city or building implemented to perfection…ok maybe implemented to perfection is a bit much,  but at least go build a tree house, a farm, a fort,  even a dream home or playground. You can  Dream Build in this game too, crazy right.

We are wishing she will become more willing to design her gratification rather then instant gratification; she gets that when she pops on YouTube and watch’s somebody else have fun designing, building and using their imaginations.
There has been a limit put on this, as both my daughters play this game, and yes I am guilty of playing myself,  can’t help it.(dream building) yeah that’s it lol.

The limit is they cannot and have not played online or (on servers).  Playing with other kids and adults online, this we were not comfortable with.

With Minecraft you can play each other on the same network, which to be honest is pretty cool, in moderation of course.  Quality time creating things and playing mini games that we have created from our imaginations. I really enjoy spending time with my kids, and these days you have to choose your battles and see what your kids are enjoying and join them, they will remember the time you spend with them.

What do think, are you going through this as well?

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