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LIFE Leadership

What is LIFE Leadership?
LIFE Leadership is a company that specializes in producing personal development materials offered for sale through independent LIFE Members. One of the mainstays of the LIFE Leadership approach to personal growth is the development of communities that encourage people to improve their leadership, people skills, and other core competencies. The founders of LIFE Leadership have designed their learning programs to follow the principles consistent with long-term high achievement, namely: small, affordable doses of information and truth learned and applied consistently over time. This is predominantly accomplished through the format of monthly subscriptions, which focus on the “8 Fs,” the categories through which we live out our lives: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, and Fun.


Where can I get more information about LIFE Leadership’s Compensation Plan?
Our online brochures explain the LIFE Compensation Plan in each country of operation.
– United States (includes the Income Disclosure Statement)
– Canada (includes the Statement of Participant Earnings)
– Australia
– New Zealand


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Beyond the Compensation Plan, are there any sales incentive programs or promotions?
Yes, we love to offer sales incentive programs, such as our Incentive Trips Program and our One-Time Cash Awards Program, as well as periodic promotions. For example, our 3 for FREE Program is very popular with our Members and Customers because any subscriber who signs up three or more other subscribers to equal or greater dollar value subscriptions receives his or her subscription for free. Another example is our Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) sales bonus promotion that offers a bonus of $25 (in addition to all other regular bonuses and incentives) for every MFC sold. And beginning with the launch of our Financial Fitness Pack in June of 2013, a special sales competition will run three times per year with cash awards for the Top 6 Members. These awards are in addition to all other regular bonuses. These programs are market specific and will vary from market to market.

Finacial Fitness

Are the LIFE Leadership improvement materials credible?
LIFE Leadership is founded upon the teaching principles of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, co-authors of the New York Times bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution. The LIFE Leadership improvement materials provided by the LIFE Leadership company have received accolades from numerous individuals and organizations, including, but not limited to, business owners, educators, business consultants, other bestselling authors, military leaders, elected government officials, and professional sports figures. The LIFE Leadership founders have published an array of books. The most recent to hit the New York Times bestseller list is LeaderShift by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille.

How competitive are the prices of LIFE’s materials?
The founding principle of LIFE Leadership is “Making a Difference.” For this reason, the pricing model for LIFE’s materials reflects the founders’ desire to maximize the impact of their information. Nearly any price comparison with products of the same or a similar genre will demonstrate that LIFE’s materials are not only priced below those of the competition, but well below. As an example, the prices for each of our subscription packages available through LIFE Leadership are as follows:


LIFE Series *(Improved Life Skills) – 4 CDs and a book each month for $50
Leadership Series (Improved Leadership Skills) – 4 CDs and a book each month for $50
AGO Series (Spiritual Development) – 1 CD and a book each month for $25 (100% of this series’ corporate profits are donated to All Grace Outreach)
Edge Series (Youth Development) – 1 CD each month for $10
Freedom Series (Personal Freedom) – 1 CD each month for $10
Rascal Radio (Online Personal Development Radio) – unlimited access to audio recordings each month for $49.95
These subscription prices are anywhere from 20 to 200% cheaper than similar offerings by other providers.
* also available in French and Spanish

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Is LIFE Leadership registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, LIFE Leadership is a member in good standing and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in both the US and Canada.

What is the opportunity offered by LIFE Leadership?
LIFE Leadership offers Members the opportunity to profit from the sale of LIFE Leadership’s materials through a competitive compensation plan. LIFE Leadership’s goal is to flow the money typically spent on marketing and advertising to the leaders who help build the Customer base for LIFE Leadership materials. Further, the founders of LIFE Leadership are dedicated to serving in the field alongside LIFE Members—a unique situation that enables the compensation structure to maintain as its chief consideration the flowing of profits to the field rather than to corporate shareholders, investors, or other interested parties, as is true with most companies. What this means is the LIFE Leadership Compensation Plan can offer one of the highest margins in the industry, with a pay plan that provides 50% of sales on a graduated bonus chart and additional bonuses (upwards of 15% at the time of this writing, with plans for more depending upon profitability) for developing leaders in the field, all while keeping prices competitively low.
Also money saving innovations are made available to Customers of LIFE Leadership materials. The 3 for Free Program allows Customers or Members who obtain subscriptions to LIFE Leadership materials from three or more other Customers to qualify for a free product subscription for themselves.

How long has LIFE Leadership been in business?
Founded by successful entrepreneurs who have many years of business experience as well as leadership and community building expertise, LIFE Leadership has been in business since November 1, 2011.
In what countries does LIFE Leadership currently operate?
LIFE Leadership currently has thousands Customers all around the globe and thousands of Members in Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Haiti, New Zealand and the United States, and with our goal of touching one million lives, we anticipate the business expanding into many other nations.

Does LIFE Leadership offer incentive trips?
Yes, we have included a fabulous Incentive Trips Program in the LIFE Leadership Compensation Plan that enables Members with relatively early progress up the performance bonus chart to earn a free trip. One of these exciting trips is earned at the 6,000 PV per month level, and the other is earned at the 15,000 PV per month level. And these are not business trips in disguise, but legitimate vacations. The recipient selects the trip of his/her choice from the list of available options and takes the trip when he or she chooses. (This incentive program is not available in all markets)

Does LIFE Leadership offer additional cash incentives?

Yes, we offer extremely attractive cash incentives that any LIFE Member can earn by meeting the eligibility requirements in our annual One-Time Cash Awards Program.Revolutionize Your Life with LIFE Leadership

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