Natural cure’s for Migraine’s

“Common herbal remedies and treatments”




More and more people are looking at alternative and herbalremedies as a way to get rid of their migraines. Thepopularity of herbs has rised among people as they werelooking for natural cures rather than using synthetic medicines.Herbs play an important role as cost effective drugs.


Side effects are another consideration. Most every drug you can think of comes with side effects, some of them even worsethan migraines. Most herbal remedies are side effect FREE andvery well tolerated.


Herbal remedies are versatile. they come in many differentvarieties. You can buy loose dried herbs, or grow your own anddry them at home. There are countless varieties of herbs andnatural remedies to treat migraines.


Remember that conventional medication contain certain elementsand substances extracted from plants and herbs. Various herbsand plants with their absolutely unique medical properties are widelyused in modern medicine to prevent, treat and cure modern diseases.




By taking natural medicines or treating migraines with herbs, you canward off or successfully treat this painful problem.


Specialists and healing experts have been using herbs and other natural methods to relieve pain and get rid of symtoms associated with migraines.




FEVERFEW: is notorious for its ability to prevent and stop migraines. If oneor two leaves are taken on a daily basis, it reduces the frequency of migraines,and if one does occur, it tends to be less severe than normal.


GINKGO BILOBA: Gb may also be of assistance if you have migraines. It improves circulation, decreases inflammation and inhibits the production of a substancecalled platelet-activating factor that may be linked to migraines.


CHAMOMILE: One of the best natural sedatives, chamomiles can relieve migraines andtension headaches and can also alleviate symptoms such as nausea, vertigo and dizziness.


ROSEMARY: Used in many medicines and conventional treatments, rosemary has antioxidantcapabilities and can increase your sense of well-being. Very powerful against migrainesand headaches.


Herbs and herbal remedies are a great way to relieve pain and get rid of migraines, theydon’t have side effects and the results are most of the time amazing.


But there are other alternative treatments that work as great or even better thanherbal remedies…



I’m going to try it out. if it works for you I would Love to know as it’s not easy living with Migrains.

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